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Welcome to Medical Insurance NZ, our website is a 100% free service that is designed to help Kiwi’s get the best medical insurance policy. The way it works is by completing the short form above, we instantly connect you with a professional medical insurance broker (registered with the Financial Markets Authority) and they will then shop around all the top health insurance providers on your behalf, and come back to you with the best policy options.

By connecting with a broker to do the hard work for you, not only do you save time, but you are much more likely to get a better priced policy. There is absolutely no obligation when using our free service either, when the broker

What is Medical Insurance?

In New Zealand we have a pretty good public hospital system compared to many other countries, however when it comes to non trauma treatment, things like cancer, the waiting time to get the treatment you need can be quite long. This is obviously not ideal for anyone, and why many people choose to get medical insurance cover, as it gives you access to private hospitals where you can avoid waiting lists and also the high costs associated with private heath care.

One of the major concerns when a person falls sick is that in many cases it affects their ability to work. If the main income earner for a family falls ill and their income dries up, this can place a lot of financial stress on a family. The sad truth is that illness is a very common cause of bankruptcy in New Zealand.

By having a good medical insurance policy you rest assured that you won’t have to painstakingly endure on public hospital waiting lists eagerly hoping to get treated.

Does it Matter What Health Insurance Provider I Choose?

Not all policies that insurance companies provide are equal, and that doesn’t just mean on price either. So it pays to compare providers so you are sure you get the cover you actually need and for a good price too. Obviously shopping around all the top medical insurance providers in New Zealand will take time, and you will have to wait for quotes and make countless phone calls, all this takes time, which is why using a professional registered financial adviser to do this work for you makes complete sense. You don’t pay the broker, the insurance company that you decide to go with, should you decide to choose one that is, pays the broker.

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